Concept and design

Even the best product or service must be noticed to be successful. To increase the recognition of your brand and improve its image, all you need is creativity and the right tools. We have them both.

Dare to
be different

Who are you? What does your company do? What distinguishes it? Which target group do you want to reach? The answers to these questions will help us establish a starting point for building your online identity. We have a strategy, now it’s time to work with images and words.

Good concept, strong identification

After preparing a concept, we will start working on translating it into a unique visual identification.

Logo, fonts, colours, icons. Your visual language. Each element perfectly matches the others, just like the building blocks of a certain Danish brand. Do you already have its logo before your eyes? This is the power of branding!

Consistency creates legends

Thanks to it, your target group always perceives you in the desired way. You build the image of a consistent, reliable and stable brand.

A bitten apple, a large yellow “M”, a skate sign, a three-pointed star ... You probably know immediately what brands they represent. This is the power of consistent communication.

Everything is in your favour

Are you ready to tell your story to everyone? So are our designers.

We will design a set of graphic materials for you, thanks to which you will reach your customers with your message. From printed materials to the appearance of digital products. Unique. Yours.


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Łukasz Nagórski
CEO, Web Designer

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